When it comes to lane conditions, make sure your lanes are primed for success!

Today's high performance lane conditioners differ greatly from those produced just 10 years ago. So it stands to reason that your lane cleaner should be just as advanced. That's why we formulated our Primetime Active and Primetime Boost lane cleaners to clean not only the old, but also the the most modern lane conditioners on the market, our own! Our unique blends will quickly emulsify any of today's higher viscosity lane conditioners, encapsulating them while washing away all the dirt and oils. Leaving your lanes cleaner than previously thought possible when compared to what the old industry standard lane cleaners could do. Plus, being concentrated, our water based formulas will offer you great savings in shipping and storage costs, while allowing you to easily tailor their individual strengths to your needs. The color-coded instructions will help guide you, so you use the proper amount to get the job done, not the overkill amount that some manufacturers "recommend". Want to know more? Give us a call. We can help take your lane care into the Next Generation!

The Benefits of Primetime Lane Cleaners

  • Works on all lane surfaces, any time of the year
  • It is easy to mix - Just add water!
  • The special de-foaming additive helps create less mess
  • It is a safe, environmentally friendly water based formula
  • It is concentrated for compact storage and lower freight costs
  • It is V.O.C. compliant
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