Proper care for your lanes from beginning to end!

Dirt and grime knows no bounds. To combat this, proper lane care must extend beyond the traditional 60 feet, to your approaches and pin decks. After all, these areas must perform worry-free in brutal and heavy use environments. That's why we have developed products specifically for use in these sometimes troublesome areas. Primetime AC is our solvent based approach cleaner that will make quick work of your dirty approaches. It is safe to use as an everyday spot cleaner or as an overall cleanser, leaving a film free surface for secure, consistent sliding. For the other end of your lanes, the pin deck, we offer two products. Primetime PCis the water based cleaner formulated to emulsify and wash away all the dirt, grime, and oil that can accumulate in this critical area. Primetime PTis a pin deck treatment for use after the area has been cleaned. Used routinely, it will help reduce the amount of out of range pins and make sure they fall as they should.
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